Yorkstar-Zedekiah #167 Officers
2019 - 2020

Gary Brown Worshipful Master
Ezeal Bagby Senior Warden
Jerome Brisco Junior Warden
PM Joseph Brown Treasure
PM Horward H. Hill Secretary
Za'Cory Scott Senior Deacon
Joseph Whiteman Junior Deacon
PM Livingston Marshall
Jesse Lewis Chaplain
Willie Shephard Senior Steward
Alex Lora Junior Steward
PM James Williams Tiler

Hello, we are the lodge officers of Yorkstar-zedekiah #167 and we are here to assist your in any we can in becoming a good man of good report.
We are here to guide through your journey that you will never forget. This journey will carry you unitl you meet
the Grand Artchitect of the Universe who will meet you in that house not made with hands; internal in the heavens.
You are welcome to our lodge and meet with us, the officers.