WM Gary Brown

Hello, I am WM Gary Brown, and I would like to welcome you to our beautiful lodge located in our beautiful
historic city of Yorktown. My job as the Worshipful Master is to make sure that our lodge are well informed and
that all bethren are well taken care of.
I am proudly serving in the United States Army and will proudly serve my Masonic brothers.

I would like to thank all brothers for your nominations as your new worshipful master. I am very honor.
As your new worshipful master, we will come and work together as one to make the lodge a better place to
fellowship and do great things for the community.

Brothers, I encourage you to come to our lodge and fellowship. I know that we have responsibilities outside
the lodge, but we made a promise to ourself and our fraternity, that we need to make time for fellowship and work.

If you are a non mason, I would like to thank you for researching our fraternity and finding us here. Please visit
our 2B1ASK1 page for more information on how to petition.

Sincerly and Fraternally,
Gary Brown
Worshipful Master, Yorkstar-Zedekiah #167